By mistake if you created a blogger blog with a different name and BlogSpot address and later you want to edit them, then just follow below things and remember some tips at last.

Steps to edit Blogger/BlogSpot Name and URL Address.

First off go to your blogger dashboard.

Click on setting then go to basic option.

Now just edit your name and its URL address as per below screenshot.

Changing Blogger Name and BlogSpot URL Address

Some tips while modifying blogger/BlogSpot address.

Well, if you already made own blog and posted many things in your blog, then Google automatically index your post in search results. To clarify just open Google and type your blog address like this “Site:” without the quotes (Don’t forgot to change Goyllo to your name). Then there you will see your posted content.

Now when you change/edit your blog address to some other name, and visitors come through search results or from somewhere like social media or any other website that is pointed your blog URL, then they will see 404 error i.e. Content is not available for this page. Yes, it’s harmful for your blog if your blog displays many 404 errors to visitors and search engine spider.