Blogging is web 2.0 technologies. In web 1.0 mostly the common web pages are published in the internet world. They contain only text and links, and sometimes images, but now you can embed music, videos, sideshow, PDF files, doc files etc. In your web page.

Blogging is just awesome, because you don’t need to manage your design or develop everything for every page, all, the technique is applied to all web pages, and you simply need to write some content and just published it.

Many of person are doing blogging, some will do for hobby, some will do for fun, some will do for sharing information, and some will do for money.

Many blogging software like Blogger, and Tumblr integrating social media features like following to other blogs. Well, in twitter (micro blogging site) you can also follow to others, but you can post only limited length post. So to describe more, you need a blogging software.

Here is some list of,

Blogging Platforms.

1) Blogger- If you just need a simple blogging software for posting new thing, then Google blogger is fantastic for you.

2) Tumblr - If you like twitter functionality, like follower option. Then you should choose Tumblr. It will show you the latest post in your dashboard, which you are following. You can also embed rich media in your post easily.

3) - Most of professional blogger chooses this option. But you should ready to pay for a professional look.

4) - Did you own a company? Or just starting a business, or thinking to make a brand, Then Self-hosted WordPress is best suited for you.

5) Ghost - I never use it, but many of people choose Ghost, because they don’t like WordPress, If you are looking for a WordPress alternative then try out Ghost platform.

6) Jekyll - Sorry for implementing Jekyll on blogging software, but it’s really more flexible than any. Jekyll is the choice of the software developer, and specially for ruby developer.

7) Others – I did not try out these platforms, but there are large numbers of people are using it. Medium, Typepad, Postagon, Svbtle, Anchor, Hexo.

Which Blogging Platform should I use?

Well, it’s totally depend on you. Every blogging software is developed by code master. They always try to improve its platform. So as per my choice you can start blogging from any platforms as per your requirements. Many of people say you should use WordPress for better control and flexibility, many of people say use Tumblr, to get more audience, many of people say use Simple Google blogger platform. But in reality it does not matter. Because there is many of people are using Ghost, medium, Typepad and Jekyll platform, because they liked their platforms and it is fulfill him/her requirements. (It is like you are going to a hotel, and booked one room, there are many of things, in your room, but you will use only those things that you want, but you will be charged for all the things, same happen with Blogging software), so you should choose blogging software as per your requirement. Not choose because someone says, that is cool. Because many people using WordPress just like they are using the normal Blogger platform, they are not using any of functionality, which they specify on reason to choose WordPress over Blogger. Same Happen with Blogger. They think Blogger is owned by Google, so they will get more traffic, But in reality it’s depend on your content. So there are lots of wrong myths about WordPress and Blogger: D and some of the people produce, their own, that I never expect: p

So, you can start blogging from any platforms. It’s totally depend on you. If you did not like any, simply migrate all the things. Almost all platform support migration via plugins, or simple import/export settings. So you can easily move from one platform to another.

Note:- People advise to use their blogging platform because they are using it, and maybe they like it” and that is the reality and hence I implement Jekyll in last: D