Here is How I added my first website to Google Analytics. I also want to say, in this post, I will not show you, what you can track with Google analytics, because it is beyond this post. OK?, So let’s start it.

Steps to Add your website to Google Analytics.

  1. Go to the Google Analaytics Webpage. 1. Now, you will see this type of page in your browser, so just click on Signup button.Sign Up To Google Analytics

  2. Now, you need to enter your website details. Don’t worry Google Analytic did not provide different kind of dashboard if you selected any type of industry category for your site. Here, standard time zone, gives you exact reports in hours, so do not forget to select the right time, as per your country name.Fill up your website details in Google Analytics

  3. Now, Click On tracking ID.Click and get your tracking ID

  4. Now accept terms of service. (If you think accept button, is not visible, then press CTRL + - (CTRL and Minus) button, in order to minimize your browser screen size). Accept Google Analytics TOS

  5. Now, you will see a tracking code window, like this.Accept Google Analytics TOS

Just copy the whole codes, and paste it in your website.

Where to put Google Analytics Code in my website?

You can add anywhere, in your site (you can put it on head section or body section), but most of developer suggests to add into the body section <body> to </body>. And most of developer suggests to add tracking code just before the closing body tag </body>. Well, if you put the Tracking code, just after the opening body tag i.e after <body>, then analytic code, track the users record before your main body content loaded completely, because browser display/render content in order of the tags. So, sometimes, if any user, just open any of your web page, then Google instantly tracks that session data, for example, user click on any links, and before the whole content is loaded into the browser, he/she just close it, so it is also counts as one session, and hence most of developers suggest to add, tracking code, before the </body> tag, so, the session will count only when your whole content is loaded into the browser, otherwise it will not count. Hope it’s clear your now, about where to put tracking code in your site. But as I said, you can paste it anywhere, the code is asynchronous version, so browser will not going to wait for code execution.

Steps to add your other website on Google Analytics.

Now, if you want to add another website(Skip this if you have only one website and don’t want to put another analytic code in your second website), then follow below procedure. Google analytics support 100 properties, i.e. you can add total 100 website or total 100 mobile apps in one Google Analytics account. Now here is steps to add your second website on google analytics.

  1. Click on Admin option.
  2. In Account section, Click on drop down menu like this.Accept Google Analytics TOS
  3. Choose Create new account, and follow the same procedure, just like we followed in the above steps.