You might already hear about Ahrefs, Semrush and Majestic SEO tool, which do competition analysis and will help you to grow your online business by showing, how your competitor is ranking on top for many keywords.

But, why you should use Premium SEO tools?

I will give you only two examples, which tell you why most of the pro SEO webmaster, use premium SEO Tool?

Example 1. Keywords Ideas using Semrush.

semrush keywords analytic dashboard

See above screenshot(I can’t show you stats number because it violates their terms and condition) and do a Google search to find out who’s ranking on top? So there are lot’s of keywords out there, which other people using it to get organic traffic. So can you get that kind of ideas with Google Keyword Planner tool? No! Absolutely Not. The premium SEO tool does the very good job here, they crawl billion of web pages and create analytic reports. You just have to put any URL which is related to your niche, and they will show you very brief analytic reports. Believe me; there are lot’s of keywords out there, on which you can rank your micro niche website very quickly, you just have to find low competition keywords, so on that semrush helps a lot. Keyword pro plus tool also useful to see many variants on specific keywords.

Example 2. Backlink Analysis.

Backlink analysis with Ahrefs

So there are some niches(See above SS) on which you can’t get natural backlinks, so on that time, you have to spy on your competitors website to see how they build backlinks so you can do the same for your niche site.

These tools prices are very high because they have similar crawlers like Google have, which run 24/7 hour online, and scrape useful data from billion of web pages. But not everyone can afford these tool in this higher prices. Hence group buys service is very helpful, for many of people like you and me, so that we can access to those tools in very very cheap rate, so let me introduce flikover.

Flikover - A Group Buy Service for SEO Tools

Flikover is group buy service, which gives us access to many SEO tools in very low price. Here is a list of Flikover products and it’s prices (Note: the below prices are given in Indian Rupees which is nearly equal to $8, Sign up there for free to know the exact price in your currency).

SEO Tool Standard Price Flikover Price
Ahref Advanced 399$/Monthly Rs. 600/Monthly
Semrush Pro 99.95$/Monthly Rs 500/Monthly
Majestic Pro 99.99$/Monthly Rs 300/Monthly
Keyword Tool Pro Plus 88$/Monthly Rs 300/Monthly
Premium Grammarly 29.95$/monthly FREE
Special Combo Plan 815.89$/Monthly Rs 1200/Monthly

Special combo plan gives you access to all five tools, which gives us a very good discount if we need to use most of all above tool. Normally I go with that plans because I mostly use semrush, ahrefs, and majestic tool. I also use Majestic because sometimes it gives us excellent result compare to ahrefs data. So I use both of it.

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FAQ on Flikover

Q. Is this tool legit to use?

A. Yes, it is a completely legit tool, because many of people think it is cracked or hacked version of SEO tools, but that’s not true. Most of All SEO tools provide API access, which allowed to access their data on valid tokens, so here flikover using their API data by paying money.

Q. Is there any limit to use it?

A. No there is no any limit, you will get all functionality like you get, from above standard plans.

Q. Is there any free trial to see, how it works?

A. Yes, you can get a one-day free trial offer, on which you can access to ahrefs and semrush data without any limit.

Note - When you register your account on flikover, then use your valid mobile number, because they send auto generated password on that mobile number.

Try out flikover for free!

Flikover Review
Description Get access to ahrefs, semrush, and majestic tool at very lower rate by using Flikover - A Premium SEO Tools group buy service.
Rating: 10 out of 10