I have searched many times on Google to get ideas about How to check my keywords ranking or position of my keywords in the search result. And I got tons of article and tools that are talking about it, but as you know, it does not help when you tested it; the main reason was (may be) Google does not update/disable their API, that are used by keyword ranking tools. So probably whenever you check any kind of keywords in any tools, then you will not get the desired result. Well, you can even use Google analytics for that, but it is not the easiest way, compare to this one, so here, we will use Google Search console, hope you already added your website in Google Webmaster Tools.

Check Keyword Ranking with Google Webmaster Tools.

  1. From your webmaster dashboard, expand Search Traffic and click on Search analytics. Refer below screenshot for better understanding.
    check keyword rank with google webmaster tools
  2. Now mark on impression and position option.

  3. Now sort your result with impressions or clicks option. Try both to understand which query does not perform well for your blog post.

Now, you will see the position for particular keywords, those keywords are automatically generated by Google spider, based on your website content, it may be your heading line or any sentence from any paragraph, it is totally automated by Google spider, and they regularly store/update that kind of data on their server. You can download that data by clicking on the download option from the bottom, and further, you can analysis that data for your website.

You should note that, the position is displayed as average position, based on the query, and country location, you can refer Google official docs on this. So if you find out an average position as 17.3, then your post or article link appear from 15 to 20 anywhere in the search results.

Hope this little guide helps you to check keyword ranking for your website/blog.