Welcome to this initial tutorial on developing android app from scratch. Here I posted some basic requirement to start out to develop your own Android app.

OOP concept: - Many of people say you should know Java to develop an Android App, But if you know any OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept in any language, then you are ready to develop an Android App. The Java language is useful because most of the Android API is created under the Java concept, so it will surely help to you understand the Android Developer API easily. Also, they are gives you solid documents on every API. So you can learn it from scratch.

XML: - XML stands from extensible markup language i.e. any of developing company can make its own markup language and that is called XML. So for different platforms, XML languages differ, But you should not worry about it in Android, because if you are not familiar with XML, then you can use Drag and Drop functionality in Android Studio and that will automatically convert most of codes into the XML.

Familiar with other IDE: - If you are familiar with any IDE (Integrate Development Environment) like Eclipse or Visual Studio, then it will become easy to navigate other features on android studio. Like a running app, or debugging app. But if you are not familiar with it, then don’t worry, I will cover this on later.

There are many of things that you can develop with Android, but you required other knowledge to develop android app. For example, if you want to display internet data in your app, then you should know the JSON or XML Parsing and also you should familiar with Restful API to create the own web service. Similarly, if you want to build an app, that store the information on device, then you should know the SQLite database. Actually, there are many of things, which you can integrate into your Android app, as per your requirement and choice.

Now in the next topic, I will tell you How to install Android Studio in your operating system.