About me

Myself Arjunsinh Chauhan. I am a computer engineer, computer geek, affiliate marketer, and webmaster. I quit my software developer job in 2015 before I joined it. I choose blogging and affiliate marketing as my career because it gives me more freedom. Now I can go anywhere, there is no any time limit, but I have to work continuously with my passion because the competition is everywhere. Remember things don’t go as you think, so think twice before you want to work from your home. You can also find my discussion on Reddit and in Pro Webmasters Community.

About Goyllo

Goyllo is tech website where you can find many tutorials on software and Internet topics. Here I write mostly about SEO and Blogging. But I also write articles on online payments, static site generator, Github, software tutorials, etc. In short, I write here anything, which I learned in my life.


If you’ve any query then feel free to email me here - . But do not mail for any kind of promotion, It will be ignore for the first time, and second time it will be mark as spam.