In this tutorial, you will see how to host your free business email with Zoho Mail. Many of popular domain companies like Godaddy is stop to providing free business email like . If you want that type of business email, then you need to pay more money to Domain Register Company. But here I will tell you how to create a free professional email address with Zoho mail. I hope you have full control on your website and domain panel.

Free Email Hosting With Zoho Mail.

Step 1: Creating Free Account in Zoho Mail

First Go to Zoho Mail Free Service.

Now, enter your domain name like this.

add your domain name to zoho mail

Now fill up all details, as per below screen shot.

creating free business email in zoho mail

Here is noted that, you will get only one email, like, so be careful, when you choose email address.

Step 2: Verify Your Domain

Now, you need to verify your domain name, and there are three ways to verify 1) CNAME, 2) TEXT Record, and 3) HTML method. If you already know, how to manage Domain Panel, then CNAME and Text Record method will be easier for you. Otherwise, use HTML method, if you have full control of your website. (Blogger and Tumbler don’t allow uploading files into the root directory, so you should use CNAME or Text Record Method).

verify your domain name for zoho mail

Now, hit verify button, But if you get any error, then wait for a few minutes/hours, because it takes some time to propagate DNS properly, so just wait, and then click again to verify. If you still get an error, then you need to use other methods like Text method or HTML method.

Step 3: Add MX Record in your domain panel

So when you verify your domain successfully, you will get this page, to add MX records.

Add Zoho MX Record in your domain panel

Zoho is using two MX Records at this time and So now, again go to your domain panel, and delete/edit the default MX Record.

Do not forget to add priority setting carefully. Here is my screenshot of GoDaddy MX Record Settings.

Edit MX Record In Godaddy Panel

So, we have successfully, created our free business email with Zoho, and now just log in to Zoho Mail, and enjoy your free professional email dashboard, like this.

Zoho Professional Dashboard