In this beginner tutorial, I will tell you How to add your website on Google Webmaster Tool (GWT) to improve your site on Google search result by fixing errors. You will get many suggestions in Google webmaster tools, so Google spider can understand your web content more deeply.

Let’s first add your website on Google, then we will discuss other things in other articles.

First off go to Google Webmaster Tools.

Now, click on Add a Website/Property, and enter your website URL, like this.

Adding website on Google webmaster tools.png

After adding, you will be redirected to the main dashboard.

Now, initially your dashboard data is empty, to get results on the dashboard, first verify your site then submit your website sitemap to Google.

ProTip: - You can also add your all website version like this,,, But make sure, your one URL should match with the canonical link tag.

Google webmaster tools.png

Here you can see I submitted three versions of my website. You can even submit your all the subdomain separately. Each URL provides you separate dashboard.

Note: You don’t need to work with all the version of the site. Just take one URL, and stick with it. I am using because it is match with my canonical link tag. So I submitted my website sitemap to dashboard only, not to another version of my website.

Other version and is also helpful, For example. If I want to remove URL that is indexed previously by Google, then I can remove it from dashboard, I can’t remove it from or dashboard, so another version of same website is helpful in many ways.