Blog niche is nothing but topics on which you want to write/post on your blogs. Choosing a right blogging niche is your first step towards a successful blogger, but first I want to tell you some niche that you should avoid.

The Internet is full of copyright content, and many of newbie also fall into that, they want to start a Music/Movie/Software/apps blogs from which user can download things, but it is purely illegal activity because you have no right to disturbed such a thing. You can’t also copy someone blog content on your blog, because they will report DMCA complaint against you, and Google will remove your blog from search results. Even you can’t use any pictures on your blog without checking its license first. So please think twice/triple before doing such a thing.

2. Experience is more important than knowledge.

I have seen many newbie bloggers have the knowledge, but they don’t have personal experience on that, for example, newbie started a blog about make money online because they know how to make it online, but personally, they did not make any money by them self. They generally read some blogs, gather some main points, write a paragraph with different styles and post it, and after few months they gave up because nobody read their blog post. So make sure you have experience in your niche, so you can write any number of paragraphs without checking someone else content.

3. Your capacity.

Many of newbie choose a blog niche beyond their capacity, for example, gadget-news, coupons/deals website, or job portal website, where you should publish a blog post ASAP because your audience wants to see that things first on your blog. But if some one else posted it first, then they will follow their blogs. So can you publish many blog post on a daily basis? Because in these type of niche, the priority of fresh content is very important.

Ok. So how do you choose a right blog niche?

Well, there is mainly three type of blogs in the world.

1. Passion Blogs

Newbie blogger should start a blog based on their interest and passion, because if you blog on your interesting subject then there are three benefits, first you can easily write on anything/anytime, second, you feel less tired, third you can do that for a long time, like even after ten years. Checkout the list of successful bloggers in India where you can see many passionate/long term bloggers. So follow them based on your niche, and find your ideal blogger, and try to produce great content like them. You can also ask them like how they’ve added such a thing to their blogs without doing Google search. Because as I said many “make money online” blogger will say install this plugin, use this tool, use this theme on your blog, etc. to get an affiliate commission. But instead of doing such a thing, you can directly ask to your ideal blogger about that, and they will surely give you great advice and suggestion on your blog without thinking about competition or profits. I have seen lot’s of newbie blogger get success earlier by following other blogs based on the same niche instead of wasting their time on making money online blogs/forums.

2. Business Blogs.

Here is a list of top guys who started very small but now it’s million dollar company. It’s just an examples to showcase the power of blogs + having great ideas + demand of quality content.

  1. The wire cutter
  2. Buzzfeed
  3. How to Geek
  4. The points guy
  6. PC Mag
  7. How Stuff Works
  8. To see many others blogs like that go to the buysellads marketplace, where many advertisers buy banner advertising space from popular websites/blogs.

3. Niche Blogs

Many blogger masters do niche blogs as well because it required less time to build and it’s profitable in short time, but it requires lot’s of experience on blogging, monetization methods and traffic strategy(SEO). Please repeat that line; I said experience, not knowledge. No matter how much content you read about niche blogs on the internet, but without failure aka experience, you can never run profitable niche blogs. Lot’s of newbie jump into niche blogs because it is a quick way to earn money via blogging, but only 3-4% can build a niche blog. My lot’s of friends also move from niche blog to long terms blog, because there is piece and they can build strong empire on long terms blogs, based on their skills and experience. So as a newbie I will say avoid niche blog.

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