Blogging is fantastic if you love to read and write stuff online. Especially if you spent your most of time on the internet then you should start a writing a blog as well. I have also started my first blog after 12th science (in 2011), my intent was not to earn money from blogging, I even don’t know I can make money from it. I just do blogging because I like it and I have a passion for computer/geek stuff. But now things are changed, I quit my software developer job(in 2015) before I even join it. I choose blogging and affiliate marketing as my career because it gives me more freedom. Most of the Software developer dream about work at Infosys and TCS company(Because people think they are no.1 tech company in India), but if you used then you should read their employee answer, they just waste their whole life on that. They can’t even quit their job because their family depends on that. But you should do a Job on which you can gain more knowledge, but if your daily routine is just handling client and doing copy paste stuff, then your carrier is doom. Choose a bright career because you’re spending your most of time(9 to 5) with it. If you love what you’re doing, then you will hardly feel depress, otherwise you’re just cheating yourself.

It does not matter what you’re doing (Study/Job) if you think you’ve a knowledge about something, or you can do similar stuff like other bloggers are doing, then do a favour yourself and create your own blog. It does not require a whole day, in a week 3 or 4 hours is also enough for blogging. So let’s start it :)