I often said, creating a blog is not rocket science, anybody can create it, but some people view it with a different mindset, and that is what makes them a successful blogger or failure.

I have seen most of the people want to start blogging for money, and they think it is too easy, but in reality, it’s not. Most of the pro blogger out there will say download my Bla Bla Bla book to know how I make \(\)$ per month, but those books are BS. I have read lots of eBook from pro bloggers. And most books contain affiliate links, so if you buy something from that link, then they will get a huge commission. Also, they collect your email address, so later they can promote new tools, on which they get a good commission. A professional blogger called it funnels, and that is why they make such a free books so that they can collect your email ID. So

1. Stop following blogs about make money online.

Do you know? Work from home, be your own boss, and make money online is every green topic for blogging. I mean people are always looking for freedom and hence they easily trapped into new methods which say make \(\) per month easily via blogging. My all successful blogger friends stop following such a blogs after few months once they know how blogging works because they know it, the real knowledge is not there, they just want to attract you and want to sell you something to earn a commission. In reality, they don’t disclose any good service which gives them zero commission.

2. Blog Niche

The topic you’re writing is very important, people think there is so much audience about gadget and smart phone related topics, but they don’t know the competition level as well. Believe me, as a newbie it is very very hard to beat them, but I don’t know why some people take that as some game mission, and due to over confidences they gave up after few months. Check out my blog post on how to choose blog niche?

3. Patient.

OK, you want money, but one thing you should make it clear that blogging takes years of a patient to make $XXX per month. If you’re in a hurry, then please choose a different option. Without having a quality traffic aka visitors to your blog, you’ll make zero dollars per day. And please stop asking a question like how much visitors you need to make $100 per day. People who ask that kind of question, mostly gave up to blogging after few months, because they have put their maximum time on researching about it, instead of adding real efforts to grow their blog first.

4. Targeted Traffic

I know all bloggers want traffic/visitors on their blog because more traffic means you make more money from ads. But the problem with new blogger is they have just posted ten blog post on their blog and thinking about getting massive traffic. Also to get the traffic they start posting their blog post on a different Facebook group and get 1k (1000) traffic with very hard work. That traffic is not good for your blog, and it will die once you stop posting on Facebook groups. People may report you; they will hate you because you’re doing spam. So stop using such a type of techniques and think about long terms, I mean think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Email marketing. That kind of traffic will continue to flow on your blog. Let’s assume you’ve written one blog post and applied proper SEO techniques, and you’re getting daily 50 traffic from Google search results. What if you have 100 posts like that, it means daily 5K traffic or monthly 150K traffic, which is simply amazing. That kind of traffic is very high quality and very targeted because people are really looking for it. Similarly, imagine you have 1000 email subscriber, and when you post a new article, you notify them about it and let’s assume out of 1000 people, 200 people opened your email and read your blog post, which is simply amazing. I have seen people in your subscriber list share your blog post often, compare to other traffic sources. Social media traffic is also good and works real good with entertainment type of blogs, for example, buzzfeed.com mostly get traffics from facebook and twitter. So based on your blog niche, choose your main traffic strategy.

5. Passion.

As I said most of the people come to blogging for money, that’s fine, but it’s not fine if you choose topics on which you’ve zero experience. And hence most of the newbie blogger see other people blogs, read their content and then re-write same content with their own style so that they can avoid plagiarism. So such a blog post will never perform well for a long time. Blogging main abstract is your writing style and your experience. If you don’t know what to write then blogging is not for you. Lot’s of professional blogger hire a content writer when they have no time/idea to write. So as a newbie I will say please choose your blogging niche/topics, on which you’ve experience and passion.