Google search console is one of the best SEO Tool, which should be used by all blogger and webmaster. It gives us excellent report to analysis our website and tweaks our website to get more organic traffic. Hope you have already added your website to Google Webmaster Tools. If you’ve already added your website to Google search console, then you can easily see, the list of keywords on which you’re ranking on Google search result. But if you’ve added the site right now, then you need to wait for few days, because it takes some time to get all the data to your search console dashboard. OK now let’s see how you can check your Google keyword ranking with Google search console.

Steps to Check Google Keyword Ranking with Google Search Console Tool.

  1. First of go to your search console dashboard, expand Search Traffic menu from the left side, then click on Search Analytics option, like this.

    check keyword rank with google webmaster tools

  2. Now tick on impression and position option. Make sure, by default the queries option is selected.

  3. Now sort out your result with impressions or clicks option. Try both to understand which query does not perform well.

So here the keyword “find blogger sitemap” has 242 impressions, 0 clicks and position is 17.7. It means for that keyword my blog post is ranking on the second page of Google because the position is 17.7 (For 1 to 10 position, it will rank on the first page). And there is 242 impression, it means 242 times my site is displayed to users (If they use auto scrolling and Google display my site automatically then it also count as an impression). So there is no guarantee that you will get more clicks for higher impression, the impression means Google just display your site result, nothing more, and here 0 click means user have not clicked to my website. So this kind of data is useful, so you can tweak your blog post based on that information, to get more organic traffic.

You should note that the position is displayed as average position, based on the user devices, language and location, you can refer Google official docs on this. So if you find out an average position as 17.3, then your post or article link appear from 15 to 20 anywhere in the search results for different users.

Hope this little guide helps you to check keyword ranking for your website/blog.