We can use Google DMCA Tool for reporting who copied your art/music/videos/blog/website content without your permission. I have already shared one article for bloggers to find out content theft using Google Alert. You can even use External Links Tool From Google Webmaster if someone copied your website content and links back to you.

search results removed by google

Here, you can see; someone copied my article in his blogger blog, and after making a DMCA request from Google search console, he deleted my article, and Google removed that result. If someone copies your website content in Google products like Blogger, YouTube, Google sites, etc., then they will get a removal notice in their email inbox directly or may be Google will ban their account like Adsense. Also, Google will notify that user into their Google Webmaster Account. Now let’s submit Google DMCA report.

Submit Google DMCA Notice

First off go to Google DMCA Dashboard, and click on create a new notice.

google dmca dashboard

Now, enter all the details like name, emails etc., and come to copyright work section.

google dmca notice

So, as you can see in the above screenshot, you can fill up all the details. You can put your details in simple words, no need to write in professional/lengthy style.

Once any Google employee, check your notice, and if they approve it, then they will remove that URL from the search results. You can check whether they approve your report or not in your DMCA dashboard.

Let’s see some FAQ on Duplicate content.

Q. I have no time to submit Google DMCA report, is it OK for a blogger?

A. Mostly Google understands your high quality website. I have never seen any high quality website is ranked lower than a low quality website, except people translate someone else content into other languages and think, now it is their content, so that type of content may be ranked lower than, your competitors’ sites. So I recommended write yourself all articles and let Google does its job for you. But you can always use this tool when somebody shares your premium content like books/software/video for free.

Q. Someone copied my website content, and link back to me, is it OK?

A. I know, you are getting backlinks by doing that, but the quality of that link will never impact any effect (not even small) in ranking, so I don’t think, you should do that for backlinks purpose. Specially you should not do that, when your website is new, and you have not enough trusted links.

Q. Does Google penalize my site for the duplicate issue?

A. As I say, Google understands your high quality website, so you will not get any punishment if someone copies your content.

Q. What about Article spinning?

A. Google always tries not to display, low quality content and scrap content to its users, if you think someone bought backlinks and ranked over your quality website, then you can report to Google.